Classic Wedding Exits

After you’ve said your vows and are ready for the ceremony to be over, most couples choose to have a reception along with all of their guests. However, some couples choose to make their wedding exit immediately following the ceremony which has become very popular in recent years. Even if you plan to have a wedding reception, you can still perform a wedding exit at the end of the affair. Some couples even do a small version of a wedding exit in-between the ceremony and reception, so really there aren’t any hard and fast rules surrounding the practice. Here are some classic wedding exits to consider if you are planning your wedding.

White Doves

One of the most classic ways to exit a wedding is to release white doves as you exit the chapel. This is also a very popular choice for when the limousines arrive at the ceremony with doves exiting the car as the bride steps out. This can be expensive because they are highly trained birds, but it is well worth it if you want to make a perfect wedding exit.


Another popular and classic wedding exit involves your guests throwing rice or birdseed in the air as you exit the chapel. Most people advocate birdseed since birds can’t digest rice and it can cause serious health risks, and some people even go as far as using biodegradable confetti so it has zero environmental impact. Whichever way you go, this is always a classic wedding exit option.

Sparkling Tunnel

One of the newer ways to exit your wedding is to create what’s called a “sparkling tunnel” with all of the guests holding sparklers in the air to create a glittering arch. You need to make sure you are using very long sparklers to ensure they get high enough in the air; especially if you have shorter guests or children at your wedding. A lot of couples only have the bridal party perform the sparkling tunnel and hand out smaller sparklers to the rest of the guests, so there are a lot of options with this type of wedding exit.

Military Exit

If you are in the armed forces, then you probably already have this one in mind. Depending on which branch of the military you happen to be in, there are different wedding traditions. There’s the famous “saber arch” which is performed by the Marines, but there are variations for the other branches involving salutes and other traditions. If you’re in the military, this should serve as your wedding exit for sure.

Mad Dash

Lastly, there is the most classic wedding exit of all; the mad dash to the decorated getaway car. Made famous in countless Hollywood films, you can just picture the doors flinging open on a little white chapel and the bride and groom dashing off to a waiting convertible with tins cans in tow. While this may not be practical for your particular wedding, it certainly can serve as great inspiration for when you’re choosing what type of wedding exit to have.

These are just 5 different types of classic wedding exits that have been made popular over the years, but there are dozens more that are also amazing. With social media offering so many great and original wedding ideas, you’re sure to find a wedding exit that will make your day as perfect as you’ve always dreamed it would be.